Benefits of Music Education


Perhaps the most often asked question a prospective student or a student’s parent has when choosing a music teacher is how much does a lesson cost? While this is an important question, there are other factors to consider when making this important decision.


The first thing that should be addressed is the performance level of the prospective student. The age and ability of the student are important considerations for the instructor when planning a course of study. How old is the student? How long has he or she been playing? Has he or she been formally instructed on the instrument before? These are all the questions an instructor needs to address. Sometimes a student may have special needs. A student may be on an advanced level, learning disabled, or gifted.  What kinds of music is the student interested in? Has he or she been instructed in this area previously. Are there any factors about the student’s style of learning that need to be considered?  A teacher who is concerned about meeting the individual needs of the student is one who will be able to help the student develop and progress.


An instructor’s qualifications and experience in working with these types of students is crucial in getting the individualized instruction you are looking for. Their education, experience teaching a particular instrument, and overall performance skills will all contribute to the quality of instruction you receive.

When choosing a music teacher, remember that the most important thing is not the price of the lesson, but that the student gets the quality of music education that you are asking for.